PLANAER is a holding company with headquarters in Sao Paulo and Salvador City, Brazil that develops and manages businesses activities for almost 20 years in fields such as aviation, renewable energy, trade & mining, logistics, and business advisories.

The success of our activities which began in the 90's, have allowed PLANAER group to expand its business inside Brazil and throughout the world. Today 65% of our activities are focused on the international market.

The modern and transparent development policy adopted by PLANAER staff assures protection for the interests of our investors and Clients in general.

PLANAER HOLDING is always searching to improve its agility, efficiency and quality in the decision processes without forget the Client needs. PLANAER goal is to maximize our Clients satisfaction day-by-day. Our Clients are our most important asset.

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Rua dos Buritis 128 Cj.402B - 04321 000 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
Tel./Fax: +55 11 5016 3860 (24h)

Company Audited by DUNS & BRADSTREET DUNS NR. 91-244-5178